To compliment your amazing images, Create Studios will help you find the perfect finish. We have selected only the finest raw materials to design a range of presentations that are hand finished to the highest standards. At your preview we explore all possibilities and get a sense of your personal style and preferences so you can achieve optimum impact from your images and choose the style that is right for you. Whether its your wedding album we are designing, or your images from your studio portrait session, you can be reassured of our expertise every step of the way.

We offer a range of modern frames and mounts, eye catching canvas blocks, and other frameless products to make your images more than just photographs, but a personal work of art. We also have a range of smaller frames that are perfect gifts for loved ones, or to have on your desk at work.

Wedding Albums
Our wedding albums are sourced from Australia, are hand-made and designed so that no two albums are the same. An exclusive design program enables us to fully plan every detail, from the cover to the end. A unique experience that lets you watch your story unfold resulting in the high quality and individual record of your day.

Chunky Box Frames
We also have a range of chunky box frames. These do not need glass or mounts. The size of the frames give a feeling of depth . The image is laminated and sealed with a smooth matt finish. It is water resistant and uv protected. Frames come in smooth matt black, dark silver and chocolate brown. Creating an immediate centre piece for any room
Canvas Block
Our canvas wraps are amazing. Using the latest dye-sublimation technology, inks are dyed into the weave of a natural canvas which increases depth and colour, giving more vibrancy to the image. They are waterproof and very hard wearing with the image stretched around a 50mm wood frame with a drum tight finish.
Perspex is fast becoming the modern way of displaying your images. We use the thicker 10mm Perspex for this range. The sides are diamond polished for a clear finish and the images are reversed mounted onto our high grade material with holes laser cut to house the stylish stainless steel fittings, enabling your artwork to stand proud from the wall and let light interact with the surrounding space. The result is a modern, sleek and stunning display.